British Ambassador Paul Brummell says Romanians are welcome to the UK

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British Ambassador Paul Brummell says Romanians and other immigrants to the UK are welcome. He quoted British PM David Cameron as saying no immediate changes will take place in regard to the rights and responsibilities of the Romanian citizens in the UK, as well as in the rights and responsibilities of the British citizens in Romania. The negotiations with the EU will be long and no immediate changes are in sight. The ambassador also quoted, in an interview for Mediafax, the mayor of London and other British officials who stressed that Romanians and other immigrants are welcome to the UK.

The British envoy also hailed the ‘Gandul’ newspaper and GMP Advertising/Webstyler initiative for the ‘Romanians adopt Remainians’ campaign meant to generate friendship on Facebook between Romanians and the British.

Ambassador Brummell said the UK will remain a key partner for Romania in NATO, as the two countries have a 136-year diplomatic relations, lots of connections, common interests and common values, adding that he is very pleased that President Klaus Iohannis and other officials have made clear, in public statements, their wish to have a close relation with the UK.

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