Brussels rejects the Romanian PM’s proposals for the EU Commissioner, Rovana Plumb and Dan Nica, EurActiv says


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The European Commission would have rejected the two proposals for the EU Commissioner position sent by Romania, Rovana Plumb and Dan Nica, according to

The above-mentioned source reports that the current Foreign Minister, Ramona Mănescu might be proposed instead as Commissioner representing Romania.

Our country is to get the Transports portfolio, the same source says.

Romanian politicians from the Opposition and president Klaus Iohannis himself had warned that PM Dancila’s proposals, Rovana Plumb and Dan Nica, are not the right ones and that they will be rejected by the Commission.

Yet, the Romanian prime minister used to say at the end of August that she had not received any denial from Brussels on her two proposals.

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  1. Ben Jager says

    Ramona Nicole M?nescu is the perfect candidate!

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