Bucharest city hall: Nicusor Dan – 42.79%, Gabriela Firea – 37.99% after counting 95.29% of votes


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The candidate endorsed by PNL and USR-PLUS, Nicusor Dan has 42.78% of the votes for the Bucharest mayor sear, while the incumbent mayor, Gabriela Firea (PSD) – 37.99% according to partial results released by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) after counting around 95.29% of the votes.


Nicusor Dan obtained 42.77% of the votes for the Bucharest City Hall, while Gabriela Firea (PSD)- 37.95%, according to the preliminary results after counting over 94% of the votes. Traian Basescu ranks third with 11%.

94% of the votes in 96% of the polling stations in Bucharest have been counted till this hour.

After counting over 90% of the votes, Nicusor Dan has 41.82% of the votes for the Bucharest city hall, while his opponent from PSD, Gabriela Firea –  37.4%. Traian Basescu- 10.81%.

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