Bucharest City Hall to revamp iconic Cismigiu park with EUR 10 M, USR calls political motivation

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Bucharest City Hall has announced it will invest EUR 10 million to rehabilitate Cişmigiu Park, Bucharest’s oldest public garden. The project was approved at the Bucharest General Council meeting on Wednesday.

Council members from the Opposition have denounced the plan, claiming it will destroy the park due to the placing of 16 commercial kiosks.

According to plans, the EUR 10m-rehabilitation works will last three years and involve tree planting, meditation terraces in the Roman Circle and maximising the lake.

The project stirred yet further controversy when USR council members asked for wider debate on the subject.

In a Facebook post, USR senator Vlad Alexandrescu accused Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea of wanting to “destroy Cismigiu again” with the 16 aforementioned business booths.

Under the pretext of <restoration>, Bucharest City Hall wants to chop down tens of secular trees planted before World War II and build kiosks in their place for party acolytes’ businesses,” said Vlad Alexandrescu. Gabriela Firea said that USR’s reaction was unjustified.


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