Bucharest deputy mayor Bădulescu, district 6 mayor Mutu got into a fight

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Bucharest deputy mayor Aurelian Bădulescu has got into a fight with his party fellow, district 6 mayor Gabriel Mutu in the PSD’s office of the Bucharest City Hall on Thursday, amid the conflict the deputy mayor embarked on with his party.

Aurelian Bădulescu has stated that Gabriel Mutu had been the one who attacked him first by throwing a bottle of water into his face when he had run out of legal arguments on Bădulescu’s potential dismissal.

The fight took place right at the city hall’s headquarters, with the local police agents prompting in to stop the conflict.

Faced with the lack of any legal argument, he threw a bottle of water at me, hitting me in the face and then I had to react, to defend myself. It has been a clash. I don’t intend to humiliate the president of the interim Bucharest branch, but this is what he did“, Bădulescu said.

Asked if the clash was actually a fight, the deputy mayor: “Actually, it was“.

The incident comes against the scandal prompted by Aurelian Bădulescu’s statements on him lying the prosecutors investigating the file of the Diaspora rally and by the PSD’s decision to strip him of political endorsement.
Gabriel Mutu, the district 6 mayor, has asked the Bucharest City Council to introduce on the Thursday sitting’s agenda a draft resolution proposing Aurelian Bădulescu’s dismissal from the deputy mayor position. The draft resolution has not eventually reached the sitting’s agenda, on the ground that it lacks the specialist report.
Bucharest general mayor Gabriela Firea has also confirmed the fight, accusing Gabriel Mutu he is Liviu Dragnea’s man and calling on the PSD chairman Dragnea to “withdraw his bullies from the General Council”. Firea also accused district 6 mayor Mutu that he is neglecting the project of his district.
In retort, Gabriel Mutu accused Firea she had done nothing striking in her two-years-and-a-half mandate.
My message to Mrs. Firea is to look in the mirror, to stop accusing me that I am not doing my job as a mayor. I have plenty of things I achieved in those two years of mandate, she has nothing to put down on the paper, only promises that she had failed to implement”, Gabriel Mutu replied.

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