Bucharest mayor: Dragnea has ordered the gendarmes’ violent intervention during August 10 protest

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Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea has continued the attacks against PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea. After accusing on Saturday night that PSD chair wants „to liquidate” her by disbanding the district city halls, Firea told RTV on Sunday that Liviu Dragnea together with his closest friends in the party had staged the gendarmes’ violent attack against protesters during the rally in Victoriei Square on August 10, just „to hurt her”.

In retort, Felix Stroe, chairman of PSD Constanta branch said that Firea is launching extremely violent attacks while bringing serious damages to the party.

The August 10 moment has been staged very well buy his team and I have this information from his entourage. I had to be held responsible politically for those events, while the Prefect had to be legally held responsible. But that didn’t happen. He wants to turn the Romanian capital, Bucharest and end up like Beirut,” Firea stated.

The chairman of the Social Democrat Party branch in Constanta, Felix Stroe, considers that Gabriela Firea „has launched extremely  violent attacks, allegations that make no sense and lack evidence, bring serious image prejudices to the party.” Stroe argued that by her statements Firea would like to prompt a split and her ousting from the party.

He also said that the Bucharest mayor is making childish statements, lacking all evidence, which are coming from a person who is „thirsty for revenge”.

As for the allegation that Dragnea would have masterminded the violent intervention of the gendarmes during the Diaspora rally, Stroe said: „I know more, but I don’t want to tell!”.

In a press conference later on this evening, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said that Firea’s statements that he would be behind the police’s intervention during the Diaspora protest and that he intends to disband the Bucharest City Hall  are just “enormities”.

As it is an enormity, I won’t comment enormities”, Dragnea replied to a journalist who asked him to react to Firea’s allegations.

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