Bucharest Mayor General, Gabriela Firea, claims at least 7 MPs from several parties have signed with PSD


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Gabriela Firea, the Bucharest Mayor General, claims 7 MPs have decided to join the Social-Democratic Party in the past days, and their number might increase, Firea said PSD cannot sit and watch its party members leaving.

“I do appreciate the people who know how to deal with the problems together and do not desert, who do not betray. It’s no joy to find out that MPs are leaving from one party to another, but unfortunately we are facing this situation. Some former colleagues have become cheerful for joining the opposition and trying to topple the PSD-ALDE Government. It’s obvious we cannot sit and watch this tragicomedy. I have information. A few days ago several MPs have signed for PSD in the chairman’s office (Liviu Dragnea’s – our note). He will make an announcement in the coming days,” Firea said on Monday for Antena 3 TV.

Gabriela Firea, PSD Vice-chairman, argues that those leaving the party have betrayed the voters.

“They haven’t betrayed us, as former colleagues, but the Romanians’ vote for PSD, now these people are going in an opposite direction,” she said.

Firea’s announcement comes following the exodus of several important PSD members to former PM Victor Ponta’s ‘Pro Romania’ party, among them the former Health Minister, Nicolae Banicioiu.

Former UNPR leader Valeriu Steriu leaves PMP and returns to PSD

Former UNPR leader, Valeriu Steriu, has announced that he is leaving PMP and returns to PSD, the party he left in 2009 to join UNPR.

“In light of events and public statements lately, I feel the need to adopt a public position. It’s not something I wanted or something to please me, but it’s a necessary gesture in order to be able to keep my self-esteem and respect,” Steriu wrote on his Facebook page.

He says he led UNPR towards PMP in a sincere and honest expectation that two small political projects could give rise to an average political project but, after PMP saw UNPR in its courtyard and met the electoral threshold with the support of UNPR voters , the merger is about to be denounced.

Another PMP MP to join PSD is Maramures senator Iustin Talpos. The announcement was made by the chairman of PSD Maramures.

Senators Ioan Iustin Talpoş and Ion Ganea and Deputy Valeriu Steriu have publicly announced that they have signed for PSD.

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