Bucharest mayor, USR-PLUS reach agreement, the latter to vote the Capital budget following RON 1 bln rectification

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USR-PLUS Bucharest city councilmen have reached an agreement with the Bucharest mayor Nicusor Dan over the latter’s proposed budget after securing a negative rectification of around RON 1 billion. The leader of the USR-PLUS general councilmen of the Capital, Cosmin-Victor Smighelschi announced on Facebook that the agreed budget is an improved form, with part of the “souped-up revenues” being removed.
Bucharest general mayor Nicusor Dan also announced on Facebook that a deal had been inked.
“Thursday discussions on the Capital budget have reported the expected progress. We agreed some adjustments to the draft budget, thus reaching a form accepted by everybody. Of course, it is not a perfect budget, but it is the necessary and correct step to start investments in the Capital and to take out debts and problems from the Firea-PSD period. We’ll keep on working together, including in the view of the rectification of the second part of the year, in order to improve the approach in the budget matters. That’s why I endorse the increasing of the solidarity in the coalition, but also a maximum realism on the tough issues. I thank to the leaders and representatives of USR-PLUS, PNL and PMP for their contribution to finding a solution”, Nicusor Dan’s post reads.


Roughly RON 600 million have been cut from the European funds revenues, which would have been wrongly estimated.
However, the deputy mayor Horia Tomescu (USR-PLUS) said that not even this improved version is not a realistic one and that the co-chairmen of the USR-PLUS Bucharest organization will propose a new draft budget.
“Me and my colleagues trust that by successive budget rectifications we’ll manage to bring the budget closet to reality. We cannot go on like this on medium and long term. The “Firea” recipe has brought the city to bankruptcy. Approving this budget is only buying us some time, which the coalition in Bucharest must use for real and accelerated reforms”, Tomescu posted on Facebook.

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