Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger slams several countries, Romania included, for jeopardizing the European project

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The European project is in “mortal danger” from opponents inside and outside the EU, Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger said Tuesday in an article published on Politico.eu. Oettinger mentioned “Romania, Poland, Hungary and the Italian Government” in this regard.

In my view, the project is in mortal danger,” the commissioner told an event organized by Germany’s Federal Association of Non-Statutory Welfare Services in Brussels on Tuesday evening, stressing that the danger comes right from inside the European Union.

Some within Europe want to weaken it or even destroy it — Poland, Hungary, Romania, the government of Italy,” he said.

Oettinger also stated that the EU was also at risk from autocrats using trade wars and aggression, mentioning Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and “the clever Chinese.”

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