Budget rectification to cut funds from Transports, Education and Health ministries


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First talks about the announced budget rectification point to consistent fund cuts at such ministries as Transports, Education, Healthcare, as well as from investment projects.

ALDE chairman Călin Popescu Tăriceanu is opposing the budget rectification proposed by Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici following debates in the ruling coalition on this topic.

ALDE proposed some actions to get some money, such as the cut of the administration expenses, the reduction of the top management positions in the central public administration, as well as the prioritisation of the budget expenses to ongoing investments.

ALDE has also asked for additional money for the big infrastructure projects assumed in the 2019 budget draft law.

The budget rectification bill is pending the CSAT’s green light after the validation of the budgets of the security, defence and intelligence institutions.

The rectification has been delayed over growing tensions in the ruling coalition.

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