Cătălin Cîrstoiu: I just helped my patients, my mandate is on the table of the coalition


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PSD-PNL candidate to Bucharest City Hal, Cătălin Cîrstoiu says that he does not consider himself incompatible, although he admits that he also operated in private clinics. He blames the ordinance that changed the regime of incompatibilities in the medical system.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu gave, on Friday, a new ultimatum to the doctor Cătălin Cîrstoiu, candidate of the PSD-PNL Coalition in the Capital, to hold a conference in which to explain all the accusations regarding his incompatibilities.

“The first thing is related to the accusations of incompatibility. My opinion is that only one institution can issue a report, and that’s the National Integrity Agency (ANI). From my point of view, I didn’t do anything that would give me the perception that I am incompatible,” Cirstoiu told in a press conference.

Cirstoiu explained that all he did is to help his colleagues and his patients.

“I performed surgeries in other public hospitals, but I tell you that I also operated in the Republic of Moldova, where I started knee and hip replacements. I also provided medical opinion in other private hospitals when requested. I answered every phone call, shared my opinions and helped my colleagues. I don’t do easy surgery, it’s complicated, I deal with cancer treatments and major operations, it’s not a field accessible to everyone, so I did everything I could to help my colleagues”, he claimed.

“Regarding my participation in consultations at Anemona (his wife’s clinic, n.r.), I want to tell you that I helped myself equally and, yes, I also responded to the requests of some patients who needed it. My role was to provide medical care to people, to give them a medical opinion, to treat them. I sleep well every night,” Cirstoiu continued.

“Law 95 was amended in 2016 by GEO 79, which introduced another regime for incompatibilities in the medical system, somehow aitpic, because it created chaos. This new GEO was never approved in the parliament, it was not put on the agenda of the specialized commissions, but it produces legal effects. It says that the position of manager is incompatible with any activity, except for medical and research activities in the same unit. It is applicable to managers, directors and department heads, so whoever occupies this position and in their free time, it practically no longer exists because you cannot do any activity of any type. I think that if we were objective, we would find many such situations, but it is not relevant because my role is to run a hospital, not to regulate. I don’t have the strength to do this,” Cîrstoiu said.

“I think that if we were objective, we would find many such situations, but it is not relevant because my role is to run a hospital, not to regulate. I don’t have the strength to do this,” Cîrstoiu added.

Asked if he feels he is still endorsed by PSD-PNL, he replied: “I felt the support of Ciolacu and Ciucă, but, I admit, we were a bit alone in the campaign. They met branch members who support me, but it can’t be a move for PMB without coalition support. I held the conference here because no one is going to take the scalpel from me. I did not make a job out of politics”.

Also questioned if he is withdrawing from the race for Bucharesy mayor, Cirstoiu said: “My mandate is on the coalition table. It cannot be done without the support of the coalition. I am trying to clarify and clarify together what has appeared in the public space. I became the bogeyman, I don’t think it’s fair to me”.

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