Catalin Drula, elected USR chairman


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Cătălin Drulă was elected president of USR in the first round of USR elections. Drulă obtained 71.3% of the votes. The result will be confirmed at the Congress on July 16.

“It is a mandate to really oppose the current bankrupt power, it is a mandate for internal organization and seriousness, it is a mandate for USR to give the prime minister and president of this country“, said the new president of USR, shortly after the announcement the result.

With an internal campaign marked by the departure of Dacian Cioloș and other party members from PLUS, Cătălin Drulă called for unity, but also sent a clear warning to those preoccupied with “stardom”.

“We are one team, the USR team. It’s over with this or that team. Today we are all USR. Anyone who understands that work and team spirit produce results is welcome and is our good colleague. But what we can no longer do is that we no longer have time for celebrities and immature politics. Whoever stays there places himself outside our party“, said the USR chair.

Drula launched an attack on President Iohannis and the current Coalition, asking Romanians to vote for USR. “People are wondering if it’s still possible. It can be better than that. Yes, it is possible. There is hope and it is possible. It can’t be overnight or miraculous. Whoever promises this is a liar. Give us the votes, don’t give the votes of their bandits who brought the country where it is (…) Only their devil says that it is not possible “, said Drulă.

The results of the other candidates running for the USR top position:

  • Cătălin Teniță – 14.8%
  • Octavian Berceanu – 11.2%
  • Sorin Kiss – 0.5%
  • Miroslav Tașcu Stavre – 0.7%
  • George Ungureanu – 0.9%


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