Cătălin Drula Resigns as USR Leader After Election Failure: “I Take Responsibility for the Result”

Timisoara mayor, Dominic Fritz assumes interim top position.


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The leader of the USR, Cătălin Drula, announced on Monday that he takes responsibility for the result of the elections and that “in the shortest possible time” he will call elections for the election of a new president of the USR. The interim president of the party, until the organization of the elections, is the mayor of Timișoara, Dominic Fritz, who managed to obtain a second mandate.

“We have strong people and leaders who can take this construction forward. And I am thinking here of Dominic Fritz, a man who decisively won the vote in Timisoara and showed that PSD and PNL can be defeated. It is very important that the USR continues, because in this movement the hopes for the modernization of Romania have been placed. We will hold elections shortly for a new president,” Drula stated.

Drula explained that the elections were organized with one goal, “so that this coalition is kept in power”. “I believe that in democracy, results are obtained through organization. And democracy without political parties was not invented. I heard someone say that it is the time of the independents. Without organization you cannot get results. The forces of evil in Romania are well organized. The form of organization in a democracy is called a political party. I understand people that they are disappointed with politics and that they are looking for “Snow White” type solutions, they do not exist in reality, results in politics are obtained through structure, through hierarchy, through people who have a common thinking and support. I encourage people to continue voting for political parties,” he said. 

“I gave all my skill. We have now achieved a better political score for county councils than in 2020″, he said when asked what he blames himself for.

Also questioned if he is still running for Presidency, Drula said: “No, this year no”.

Cătălin Drula was elected USR president on July 10, 2022.

USR has apparently lost the two district city halls in Bucharest, as District 1 mayor Clotilde Armand lost to a Liberal and District 2 mayor Radu Mihai was defeated by PSD Rares Hopinca. USR also lost an important city hall, the Brasov one. Moreover, USR has not won not a single leadership of a city council.

Fritz assumes a candidacy for the USR presidency

The mayor of Timisoara, Dominic Fritz, who has just won a second term, said on Monday that he is running for the USR presidency at the next congress of the formation. The decision comes in the context in which Cătălin Drula announced today that he is resigning from the leadership of USR, following the “under-expected result” obtained in the local and European parliamentary elections.
“I will take up a candidacy for the USR presidency at the next congress. I will propose a new national office, a new collective leadership of this party, with me as president, and if I receive the support for this difficult but beautiful mission, I will accept it”, declared Fritz, in a press conference.

He said that the biggest stake is for the Romanians to elect a right-wing president in September. As of today, the biggest stake is for this country to elect a right-wing president in September.There is no higher stake. It pains me to see that my own party, USR, got a score that does not live up to our ambitions, to the potential that USR and the United Right Alliance have. That’s why I think that the decision of President Drula to convene a congress to elect a new leader is an assumed and correct decision.I congratulate him for the difficult work that he has done against the system, that he has done in the last months and I am sure that we will find the formula to go forward“, said Dominic Fritz.

Timisoara mayor emphasized though that he will not run for any position in the state this year: “I will not run for any position in the state this year, but I also cannot stand passively in a very difficult situation for USR, a party inwhich I believe, which Romania needs and I am deeply convinced of this”.
Elena Lasconi slams Drula: “The result of the ADU is disastrous”
Elena Lasconi described as “disastrous” the ADU result in the 2024 local elections, while lashing out at Cătălin Drula. “Some, when they reach the leadership, God takes their minds, I think that Drula realizes that he made a huge mistake, but he is surrounded by some guys, and they have to take a step back”, declared Lasconi, the mayor of Campulung, who has also just been reconfirmed for a second mayor term in the small town.
“The ADU result is disastrous from my point of view, in Câmpulung we made history in 2020 and now. I think I am the mayor with the highest score in the country, minus the municipalities and cities. Ciucu, whom I congratulate, got 72% , bravo! We did an extraordinary job at Câmpulung, we managed to do something that doesn’t happen in the world, we increased the party by 21 percent in two and a half years, I now have 52% and a majority in the council. If you want to go to win you have to have a target, where you want to go, don’t let anything stand in your way. I didn’t expect it to be that bad, I thought it would be under 20%, but not that bad we discussed for the European Parliament, we had in mind a score of at least 30%, for that we had to fight. We are the only right-wing alternative in Romania and we will revive it. There are many mistakes, we need discussions in the party, sometimes a blow from this is also good so that you know that you don’t deserve everything. Some, when they reach the leadership, God takes their minds, I think Drula realizes that he made a huge mistake, but he is surrounded by some guys, and they have to take a step back. I think he made a mistake with me too, that’s why people fined him, they didn’t take into account Elena Lasconi so much, they parked me at the Câmpulung station.I really am a force, every mayor I know and has reconfirmed deserves respect,” said Lasconi.
Asked if she will enter the internal electoral race, Elena Lasconi said that she does not know yet and that she will also consult with her colleagues before to make a decision.
Elena Lasconi has been on the dead line in USR after she had resigned from of the vice-president position of USR Arges early this year after USR had withdrawn her from the lists of the EP elections.
It all started when Lasconi confessed she had voted yes in the referendum for the traditional family.
On November 18, 2023, the USR vice-president, Claudiu Năsui, announced that the former leader of the party, Dan Barna, will open the list of candidates for the formation’s European parliamentary elections, after Elena Lasconi was withdrawn from this position.
Elena Lasconi, who opened the USR list in the European Parliament elections, revealed that she voted “YES” in the referendum for the traditional family in 2018, which provided for the amendment of the Constitution in the sense that the family should be based on the freely consented marriage between husband and wife, not between spouses, as currently provided in the Basic Law. “I’m Christian, I’m Orthodox and I believe that the family consists of a woman and a man”, explained Lasconi, on November 4, 2023, on Prima TV.
The harshest reaction came from her own daughter, Oana Lasconi, who, in a post on Instagram, through tears, declared herself “in shock and absolutely disgusted”, stating: “This cruel discrimination has no place in my family and for this reason, I no longer support the mother from this moment on.”
The next day, the USR National Office took note of Elena Lasconi’s withdrawal from the list of candidates for the European Parliament elections, according to a press release from the formation. 
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