Catinca Nistor proposed for revocation from the position of ICR London director


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Catinca Nistor has been proposed for revocation from the position of director of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) in London, Liviu Jicman, president of the Romanian Cultural Institute, told G4Media. Asked if he made proposals for the revocation of other controversial ICR directors, Liviu Jicman said: “I don’t think there were any controversial appointments”.

According to the law, the Parliament takes the final decision, with the joint opinion of the Committee for Culture and Media and the Committee for Foreign Policy of the Senate.

Initially, the information about the revocation proposal was published on Facebook by USR deputy Iulian Bulai: “Finally: under the pressure of USR and civil society, the president of ICR signed the dismissal of Catinca Nistor from the position of director at ICR London. He must act further: make the decisions of the institution transparent, revoke the other disastrous appointments and then resign as well: he has ruined an institution. ICR can have a better future, if it will be led by professionals”.

USR had laid a wreath at the Romanian Cultural Institute, “to mark the symbolic death of Romanian cultural diplomacy”, according to the press release sent on Tuesday.
Catinca Nistor came to the attention of the media since the hearing in the specialized commission (Joint Commission for Culture and Media and Foreign Policy) for the leadership position of ICR London, when she declared that she is a graduate of the London School of Economics. In response, at the request of, the prestigious institution of higher education in Great Britain claims that the Romanian actress does not appear in its records. “We have no record of anyone with this name having attended or graduated from LSE,” university representatives replied.
At the same time, mass media reported last year that Catinca Nistor, in her capacity of director of ICR London, received a budget for the rent of a luxury 120 sqm apartment, although the Institute provided an apartment for its directors right in the building where the institution operates.
Early this month Catinca Nistor came into the spotlight again, when she performed a traditional Romanian folk song “Mociriță cu trifoi” at an event dedicated to Romanians from the diaspora, at the beginning of spring.
Catinca Maria Nistor is the daughter of the actor Stelian Nistor, former leader of the Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge, according to the publication Cultura la Dubă.

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    Catinca Nistor needs a day time adult care centre for immature people who refuse to grow up.

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