CCR delays debate on the Criminal Code for one more week


The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) has delayed the ruling on the constitutional exceptions on the law amending the Criminal Code and on the law on preventing and sanctioning the corruption deeds. The constitutional judges were supposed to give a ruling today, but they delayed the decision for October 24.

The Venice Commission representatives are to meet the Romanian officials from the Justice Ministry and MP Florin Iordache on October 19 to tackle the amendments operated by the Parliament on the Criminal Code.

CCR had delayed the debates on the appeal against the Criminal Code amendments on September 17.

On the other hand, the Constitutional Court has declared some provisions in the Criminal Procedure Code, including the ones in PSD chair Dragnea’s benefit, as unconstitutional.

CCR rules in President’s Iohannis’ appeal on Court of Accounts Law

CCR has admitted President Klaus Iohannis’ complaint against the amendments brought the Court of Accounts Law, and thus the bill returns to Parliament.

CCR argued the adoption timeframe of the law had gone far beyond. The head of state had objected the draft law is unconstitutional as a whole.

At the same time, the CCR has partially admitted President Iohannis’ objection against the amended law of local elected statute, which argues that the amendments introduce new penalties for local and county councilmen that are stipulated in another law on conflict of interests.

The bill will also get back to Parliament so that the unconstitutional articles should be put in compliance with the Constitutional Court’s ruling.

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