CCR rejects the Gov’t referral on the censure motion

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The constitutional judges have resumed talks on the Government’s referral that is challenging the procedure started by the Parliament to sacks the Executive through censure motion in an extraordinary session.

The representatives of the government have raised the issue of a constitutional conflict to the Constitutional Court, but the CCR judges have unanimously dismissed the Government’s complaint.

The constitutional judges have decided that a censure motion can be tabled in one session and voted in another one.

That would mean that the procedure can be continued in Parliament after on August 31 Social Democrats did not manage to raise the needed number of MPs to hold the plenary session when the censure motion was to be debated and voted.

“The Constitution does not differentiate if it’s an ordinary session or an extraordinary one. It only says that a motion can be tabled once per session”, sources from CCR told Digi24.

“We are not afraid of PSD wants to continue the procedure, they can go on with it”, PM Ludovic Orban asked about the CCR decision.

The Parliament plenary session in which the censure motion was to be debated and voted on August 31 was put on hold due to the lack of quorum. For a censure motion to be debated and voted a quorum of 233 MPs were needed, but today’s session only had 226 lawmakers attending the sitting.

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