CCR: There is a legal conflict between Gov’t and Parliament, but the censure motion must be debated and voted. PSD files its own censure motion


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The Constitutional Court has unanimously admitted the government’s referral and found that there was a legal conflict between the Parliament and the Government, according to a press release.

On the other hand, however, because the Parliament did not debate the motion of censure, the constitutional judges asked the Parliament to debate and vote on the motion submitted. The Parliament had to fulfill its constitutional obligation to debate the motion of censure, the CCR argued.

According to the CCR press release, the conflict was prompted by the Parliament’s conduct regarding the procedure of parliamentary control initiated by the censure motion against Citu Cabinet filed by USR-PLUS and signed by AUR.

The constitutional judges also noted that the submitted censure motion had gathered the necessary signatures.

The Parliament is to debate the filed censure motion and to vote it while complying with the constitutional and regulation requirements and by applying the principle of constitutional loyalty“, says the CCR statement.

The Constitutional judges decided to pronounce a ruling on this referral after the congress of the National Liberal Party that elected the new leadership, with PM Florin Citu being voted as the new chairman.

PSD files its own censure motion

On the other hands, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) has filed its own censure motion on Tuesday, signed by 157 Social Democrat MPs. The motion is entitled “Stop poverty, price hikes and criminals! Down with Citu Cabinet!”.

“I invite my colleagues from USR PLUS and AUR to come and vote this motion. We propose a quick time frame, to read the motion on Thursday and to cast a vote on Monday. Citu Government must go as soon as possible. That’s no point in hiding behind an unconstitutional motion“, said PSD chair, Marcel Ciolacu.

After submitting the censure motion, PSD first vice-president Sorin Grindeanu stated that the only solution for PSD are early elections.

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