Censure motion against Dancila Cabinet fails in Parliament. PSD, ALDE and UDMR abstained from voting

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The censure motion filed by the Opposition against Dancila Government entitled “It’s enough! Dragnea-Dancila Government, Romania’s shame!” has failed in Parliament, getting even less votes than the number of signatories, Digi24 reported. Previously, PM Dancila said she is not nervous at all about the motion, as the ruling coalition has a majority in Parliament.

There have been 161 votes to three, while PSD-ALDE and UDMR lawmakers have abstained from voting. 233 votes were needed for the motion to pass.

Power-Opposition accusations

Liberal deputy Florin Roman has accused that gendarmes had been brought in Parliament to „defend offenders” while crimes are occurring in Romania all this time.

I have understood why parliament has become today a militarised bunker of Gendarmerie. I would like to know why the parliament is full of gendarmes, gendarmes outside the parliament’s building. Are you hiding away from people? I want to know who has asked for the gendarmes outside and inside the Parliament. Do you know that crimes are going on in Romania while you are here smirking? And gendarmes are staying here to defend the criminal majority and not in street,” the Liberal MP argued, also recalling the case of the teen girl in Alba Iulia attacked on the staircase of her block of flats by a repeat offender, who had just been released from prison.

Whom are gendarmes protecting? Gendarmes are in Parliament to defend offenders,” Roman added.

MPs have voted, after almost two hours of talks, the agenda of today’s plenary sitting, which comprises a single point, namely debating and voting the censure motion against Dancila Cabinet.

There have been some consultation recesses at the request of PNL and USR, after the Liberals have required that two more points should be introduced on the agenda, namely a statement comprising the Parliament’s commitment on observing the European recommendations on the justice laws and a statement on the country’s economy.

Raluca Turcan, the leader of the Liberal deputies, has asked the plenary sitting to add these two extra points on the agenda, arguing that the debates on this topics are needed, particularly amid the recent serious economic side slips and amid „the general attack against the society in general and against the companies in particular”.

249 lawmakers out of 465  were attending the plenary sitting convened for the no-confidence vote, according to the vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, Florin Iordache, who is chairing the sitting.

PM Dancila and part of the ministers were summoned in Liviu Dragnea’s office at the Chamber of Deputies before the session began.

233 votes are needed to approve the censure motion. The vote is secret by balls.

Early this month, PM Viorica Dancila used to say that she is not afraid of the motion, as there is a parliamentary majority and she trusts her party fellows.

The fate of the incumbent cabinet also depends on the votes of the Democrat Magyar Union in Romania (UDMR). The union’s chairman Kelemen Hunor has delivered a harsh speech against the Government during the plenary sitting, although he had announced a day ago his party would not vote the motion, that it would abstain from voting, more precisely. Kelemen Hunor has also taunted the Opposition, inviting it to join a coalition led by UDMR, which will also propose a person for the PM position.

I will come up with a challenging proposition: you haven’t managed to produce an alternative ruling programme in two years and I propose you to prepare one together. But, please, do not eyeball, don’t be jealous to one another, let’s do this under our coordination. We’ll get ready a document in February, March, April so that when it is time for the spring session censure motion, you should not be on the wrong foot again. And if you don’t have a name for prime minister by the next motion, we will propose one at the right moment,” the UDMR chairman said.

On the other hand, Kelemen Hunor has slammed PM Dancila and Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici for the recent fiscal measures recently announced, arguing the country is not an “experimentation facility”, denouncing the measures had lacked previous consultations.

He also retorted to USR chairman Dan Barna, who had said that UDMR is part of the problematic situation that Romania has reached in 29 years, stating that one should use labels, as UDMR won’t say that USR is a party of the intelligence officers either.

Dan Barna, USR chairman stated: „Romania is led by a criminally convicted person and by a prime-minister who is having trouble to read a text that others had put under her nose. Two days ago you stole EUR 3 billion from Romania”.

The leader of the PNL deputies, Raluca Turcan, has stated that it’s devastating the young generations have a premier who “is a a gossip topic on Whats App”, while also reminding the obscene gesture made by Florin Iordache in Parliament against the Opposition some weeks ago, claiming primary school kids have taken him as an example.

In his turn, PNL deputy Florin Roman said: “Are you not haunted at night by the faces of the Romanians beaten on August 10? You filled the streets up with rapers, thieves, just to release your corrupt people from jail. Do you still believe in God, or your God is Liviu Dragnea? Ask for the Romanians’ forgiveness and leave“.

PMP chairman Eugen Tomac has underlined that under Dancila, there have been only fights between the Government and the European Commission, between the European commissioner Cretu and the Government, while reminding that PSD has not even presented the 2019 draft budget in Parliament,

PM Dancila has also taken the floor, slamming the Opposition parties for the no-confidence vote and for reproaching her some reshuffles occurred in the previous Social Democrat Cabinets (led by former premiers Sorin Grindeanu and Mihai Tudose).

You have criticised me that I trust Mrs. Carmen Dan. What shall I do, dismiss her?“, Dancila asked MPs in the plenary hall, with many voices among the lawmakers retorting her “Yes”. Dancila has though defended Interior Minister Carmen Dan, saying she will not sack her over the violent intervention of the gendarmes during the Diaspora rally on August 10.

The prime minister has also defended Justice Minister Tudorel Toader. “Let’s face it. There are people abusively investigated among you, as well”, Dancila told PNL, USR and PMP lawmakers.

I will never give a reckoning outside the country“, she argued, reproaching to the Romanian MEPs who voted the European Parliament resolution against Romania.

Dancila has also accused the Opposition that it will cut the Romanians’ pensions if it came to rule.

In the end of the debates, PM Dancila said she won’t quit, no matter how many times she will be asked to resign, adding though that her approach will change and that she will be “more pragmatic”. “I have understood I cannot have expectations on projects and programmes (from the Opposition), my only hope stays with the PSD-ALDE coalition“, she concluded.

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