Censure motion filed by PNL and USR read in Parliament. PSD and ALDE MP left the sitting

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The Chamber of Deputies and Senate joint plenum hosted on Monday the reading the censure motion filed by PNL and USR against the Mihai Tudose cabinet titled ‘PSDragnea, mother during the election campaign, while in power – a plague’, attended by 287 MPs.

PNL and USR filed on Friday a censure motion in Parliament, signed by 148 PNL, USR, PMP MPs and independent deputies Sorin Cimpeanu and Daniel Constantin.

The reading of the censure motion started at 16.00h and the PSD and ALDE MPs have left the plenum.

The censure motion signatories claim that “the current PSD-ALDE governance has succeeded in record time to make generalized chaos in all vital fields – health, education, taxation and infrastructure. In less than a year, the PSD-ALDE governance has thrown the promises made during the election campaign to the waste bin and the Romanians’ hopes for a better standard of living along with them.”

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