Censure motion read in an empty Parliament plenary session

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MPs have missed the plenary session of the Parliament on Thursday when the Opposition’s censure motion had been read. Only 128 lawmakers out of the total of 465 have attended the plenary sitting.

After the parliamentary parties had quarreled over the day to vote the censure motion on Wednesday, the parties have eventually agreed the censure motion to be read today, October 3 and to be debated and voted next Thursday, October 10.

The Chamber Speaker Marcel Ciolacu said “We’ll see next Thursday of five parties will gather 233 votes“. Previously on Wednesday, he had admitted that PSD doesn’t hold the majority in Parliament anymore.

“After being read, the motion seemed unreliable to me, I don’t see any leader shaping from those five parties of the Opposition, at least they should tell us who is going to be the prime minister, to see a draft ruling programme”, Ciolacu said.

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