Censure motion to be presented in Parliament tomorrow, the vote next Thursday

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After the parliamentary parties have quarreled over the day to vote the censure motion, the Chamber Speaker Marcel Ciolacu announced that all parties had agreed the motion to be read tomorrow, October 3  and to be debated and voted next Thursday, October 10. A decision will be taken by the Joint Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

Asked if it is true that PSD has lost majority in Parliament, Ciolacu said yes, mathematically speaking, but that the motion vote will prove if the Opposition has raised the 233 needed votes.

Initially, the Parliament had decided earlier on Wednesday that the censure motion filed by the National Liberal Party to topple down Dancila Cabinet to be debated in the plenary session of the Parliament today at 15:00hrs, while the vote to be cast on Saturday, at 11:00hrs.

Angry, the Liberals have left the sitting of the Standing Bureaus. They accused the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) that, by setting the vote over the weekend, it hopes some MPs will not attend the plenary session and the motion will thus fail.

PNL, USR and PMP have accused the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies for setting the vote on the motion Saturday, denouncing the “abusive, Dragnea-like conduct”. They also accused PM Dancila and PSD of “criminal schemes” to prevent the fall of the government.

The leader of the Liberal deputies, Raluca Turcan, said “there will be more barriers, all kind of chicanery from PSD in order to stay in power for one more day and to stick to the public resources valve that they are using for personal and group interests”.

Those 237 lawmakers who signed the motion must have read the motion as well. There were motions debated on Sunday in the past. If it’s such an emergency to topple down this government then we can also come for work on Saturday. By the rules, the motion is voted three days after it is presented, so it means this Saturday. I understand there is an emergency to topple down this government, for us it is urgent to show that all those 237 MPS who signed will not vote,” Soc Dem Florin Iordache said in retort.

He also claimed that those four PSD MPs who signed the motion will have to assume that, reiterating that PSD senators and deputies will attend the plenary session on Saturday, but they won’t vote.

Liberals have filed the censure motion in Parliament today, the leader of the PNL deputies, Raluca Turcan has announced, adding the motion was signed by 237 MPs, including four Social Democrats: ex-PSD deputy Mihăiţă Găină, former PSD senator Emanoil Savin, PSD deputy Marius Bota and senator Ioan Talpoş, affiliated to the PSD Group.

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