Chamber passes vote by mail draft. Row over its enforcement exclusively in parliamentary elections

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The Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday adopted the vote by mail bill by 257 votes to 30 and 12 abstentions.

However, the debates escalated after the UDMR lawmakers left the plenary sitting, discontent with the fact the vote by mail would be used only in the parliamentary elections, as a pilot project. In retort, the ruling Social Democrat chairman says the vote by mail will be also enforced in the presidential elections.

The MPs from the Democrat Union of the Magyars in Romania (UDMR) left the plenary sitting, angry that their amendments had been vetoed. They also asked the vote by mail to be enforced for all national ballots, not only in the parliamentary elections. The Magyar deputies also called for a longer period of time for debating the draft.

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea stated that he had asked all Social Democrat MPs to be present at the final vote, adding that provisions will be also settled also the correspondence voting during presidential elections.

“As we don’t have to elect the President tomorrow, a longer period of time is needed to find the best procedure rules, as there are two ballots. The rumor that the vote by mail will not be implemented for the presidential elections is totally not true. A different bill on that will be drafted and adopted this session or the upcoming one,” Dragnea explained.

The Electoral Code committee on Tuesday passed the admission report for the vote by mail, deciding that it will be implemented only in parliamentary elections and not also in the presidental ballot, as it was stipulated in the initial draft passed by the Senate. The amendment was tabled by the ruling PSD lawmakers.

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