Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea kicked out from PSD

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The Social Democrat Party’s Executive Committee on Wednesday expelled Valeriu Zgonea, the party’s executive president and the Chamber of Deputies speaker.

Sources revealed to local news agencies that the exclusion proposal came from Olguta Vasilescu (Craiova mayor), Catalin Stanescu and Catalin Radulescu.

Following the decision, the party is to also strip Zgonea of the political support for the position of Chamber speaker.

Before the Executive Committee, the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea stated that he could no longer team up with Valeriu Zgonea, yet saying that he wouldn’t try to influence his party fellows’ decision.

Asked he can still team up with Zgonea, after the latter had consistently asked for his resignation following the sentence on probation received in the Referendum file, Liviu Dragnea answered: “Absolutely not!

Dragnea also said that he would not influence the committee’s decision regarding a potential sanction against Zgonea: “My colleagues will decide about that (…) I will abstain from any point of view,” the Social Democrat leader added.

I am the one who is leaving when it should have been him (editor note: Liviu Dragnea),” Zgonea commented the oust. He added that PSD decision reminded him of Inquisition and that he thanked God that he hadn’t taken also “his Social-Democrat heart”.

Zgonea pointed out that he would carry through his term as Chamber speaker, but that PSD is free to withdraw his support and to revoke him.

According to Social Democrat sources, the Chamber deputy speaker Florin Iordache (PSD) has the most chances to take over the Chamber leadership, but also deputy speaker Gabriel Vlase and PSD secretary general Marian Neacus are rumored.

The Chamber Speaker on Monday launched new attacks against the Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea, by saying that he will not change his opinions and that Dragnea should step aside from the party’s helm.

I think PSD should be run by decent, correct and responsible people. I have always spoken up my values and principles, inside and outside the party. Let’s not pretend we don’t understand. Today, the emperor is naked. The Social Democrat Party is quickly heading its eyes shut to the abyss. It’s my duty to call things by their proper names. This position, granted by my colleagues following a congress, compels me to block the death of the party under the burden of some leaders’ problems,” Zgonea stated on Monday.

Zgonea argued that he had been elected to hold this position. “My values and principles were compliant with the PSD values back then. If today, they are not compliant anymore, it’s my colleagues’ duty to take a decision,” he said. Asked what he will do if he is to be expelled from the party and will lose the endorsement for the Chamber’s leadership, he answered “Life goes on!”.

Read more about the start of Dragnea-Zgonea row here.

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