Chamber’s legal committee vetoes DNA’s request to prosecute resigning minister Rovana Plumb


The members of the legal committee in the Chamber of Deputies on Monday vetoed the National Anti-corruption Directorate’s request to prosecute resigning minister for European Funds, Rovana Plumb, by 14 votes to nine.

DNA has requested the lower chamber to give its consent for the criminal prosecution against Plumb, former minister of Environment at the time the deeds were committed. Plumb is charged with abetment in abuse of office in the file on the illegal transfer of Belina Island under the Teleorman County Council’s authority. Former deputy PM, Sevil Shhaideh, is also charged in this file.

Rovana Plumb was heard by the legal committee, saying he has expressly told MPs that she is innoncent.

I have expressly underlined that I am innocent regarding the DNA’s charge, of abetment in abuse of office. I have clearly said that I had never broken the law all through the period I was minister I acted in good faith and with maximum responsibility. I have never had any illegal deal with any person, I have never helped or supported anyone for illegal actions,” Plumb said after the hearings.

She added that DNA has sent her no subpoena and that she has heard about the charges against her from the mass media. “I have read the file together with my lawyer and there is no argument underlying such a charge. The two government resolutions (e.n. through which the island’s transfer has been operated) are legal, “ she said.

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