Child allowances to be increased in stages

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PM Ludovic Orban has stated on Monday that the Goverment will increase the child allowances in several stages, but the percentage of the rice and the growth rate will depend on further prognoses.

“When we have a decision, we’ll make it public. At this point we are assessing the actual capabilities of endorse a rise of the child allowances. We’ll definitely increase the allowances. We’ve thought about an increase in stages,” the PM said, refusing though to advance a precise percentage of the increase.

Let’s keep it within the law, we cannot take a decision without an impact study. What is for sure is that we’ll increase the allowances”, Orban added.

Earlier on Monday sources quoted by Digi24 were pointing to an increase of 10-20% .

Last week, the Constitutional Court rejected Orban Government’s referral on the the law on doubling child allowances , arguing their request for a delay of the law enforcement is not constitutional. The Parliament voted for doubling child allowances from RON 150 to RON 300 at the end of last year.

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