Chiuariu suspends himself from PNL, Stroe leaves Tariceanu’s Liberal Progressive Party


Liberal senator Tudor Chiuariu, recently prosecuted in the forest retrocession file, announced on Tuesday he suspended himself from the National Liberal Party (PNL) until his legal situation cleared up. “I make this move as I don’t want that ungrounded charges should be reasons for political attacks against the National Liberal Party (…),” Chiuariu argued. According to PNL Ilfov branch, Marian Petrache, it was the Liberal president Alina Gorghiu who asked Chiuariu to get suspended from the party until his legal situation clears up.

Important moves also occurred in the Liberal Progressive Party (PLR) led by former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu. MP Radu Stroe, who left PNL together with Tariceanu to set up PLR, informed on Tuesday he had quitted Tariceanu’s party and that he intended to join the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR), now part of the ruling coalition. “I resigned for personal reasons. I don’t reproach anybody with anything. I will announce my affiliation to UNPR at the beginning of the parliamentary session,” Stroe explained.stroe




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