Ciolos Cabinet rejected in Parliament. Ciolos had asked PMs for a limited term during the crisis


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Ciolos Cabinet was rejected in parliament today, after it has secured only 88 votes in favour of those 234 necessary ones, Digi 24 reports.

There were 343 senators and deputies attending the plenary session, with a total of 272 votes cast: 0 votes annulled, 88 votes in favour and 184 against.

The Liberals and UDMR have not voted.

After his Cabinet was slammed in Parliament, Dacian Ciolos said that the ball is in President Iohannis’ court. “From now on the ball returns to President Klaus Iohannis’ court“, he said. Asked about the restoration of the coalition around PNL led by Florin Citu, Ciolos replied: “Citu is a non-solution”.

“Those who were accusing us that we block a solution were the precise ones who extended the crisis. They made no alternative proposal, but they talked again about the lack of a solution today. USR did its job, we are still assuming the responsibility of contributing to find a solution, but the other forces must also assume the responsibility for they sat on the sidelines and sought for options to settle internal affairs in the party.

From now on the balls returns to Mr.President’s court, we’ll see his proposals. President Klaus Iohannis must submit a PM nomination. A week ago, I met the PNL leadership, Florin Citu, I saw no alternatives back then. When we see them, we’ll discuss them. USR is pragmatic, comes up with solutions, but on the table, not stories”, he added.

PM designate Dacian Cioloș had asked MPs, in the plenary session for the investiture vote of the USR Government, to give him the vote for a limited mandate, during the pandemic crisis.

In his speech, Dacian Ciolos said that he came to be available to the people in a time of crisis, that he does not want to argue with any political force or to perform any political show, because “we are in the middle of the storm.”

I come here to ask you for a crisis vote. I am here to be available to the citizens in a time of crisis, and this can only be done by you, because you represent the citizens. We must understand together the huge power and responsibility that is on everyone’s shoulders“, said Cioloş.

He urged lawmakers to vote without political reckoning, saying the government’s proposal was the result of a crisis: “It does not help anyone, politically or socially, to prolong this crisis.”    

I am asking for a limited term of office and to extend during the crisis. I am aware that a government invested today does not have a long life. Vote for this government! This government can be a solution to get out of the crisis, even if it will have a short life! “, Cioloș asked the lawmakers.

The prime minister designate said that USR has solutions for the pandemic crisis and for energy and gas prices. “A USR government is the guarantee that the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience  can be enforced. Reducing VAT from 19% to 5% and eliminating excise duty for the energy price crisis. We reduce bills by 30%. The pandemic control: use of the green certificate which also includes going through the disease or periodic testing .If the measures we are discussing now were implemented tomorrow, 70% of the population could be immunized by May. In six months we can control the pandemic,” Ciolos argued.

“Any hesitation and political game translates into loss of life. Winter is coming in a few weeks and as usual it will catch us unprepared. In the Black Sea we have huge gas deposits about whose future we know nothing because there is a lack of consensus. Vote this government, as it has solutions to this crisis. I assure you that the ministers are aware of the difficult situation. Romania can no longer go on like this. You can stop the crisis by voting. I am asking for a mandate that extends to the crisis period. I think it’s a solution for the moment we live in,” he added.

Political parties’ stances

PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu said that “the political game of the current power has gone too far. Selfishness, arrogance and lack of commitment have brought us into this dramatic situation.”

“It is clear that this Government will not be voted. Mr. Ciolos also knows, everyone knows. It is a mockery of the Romanians. We cannot accept a Minister of Health who is a participant in this health disaster .But we urgently need to put something in place. That is why I am appealing to all party leaders! I ask you to meet immediately and find a solution together to get Romania out of the crisis! No more politics! It can’t be that way anymore. We have to do something else. Politicians need to take a step back. And to bring specialists and health experts to come urgently with a project to reduce the number of deaths. We have very good doctors here in Parliament as well,” said Ciolacu.

UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor said that a year ago, the parties that made the ruling coalition did not promise conflicts, instability, insecurity and social chaos, but stability, hope and a better standard of living. “Most of the politicians have been providing for several weeks nothing but scandal, circus and instability. Dear colleagues from USR, I understand you want to govern. Your desire is legitimate, but you had the opportunity to rule next to us. It was not an excellent ruling, but it was the only possible one. From the very beginning we pledged that the main key for the stability of this coalition was to give up vanities. You gave up for a person was more important to you. You barricaded yourselves in your own decisions, you said that all are old school, but you are different, and then you teamed up with some and toppled a government down. Now you are asking for votes. Dear colleagues, you’re all alone. When you cannot convince anyone in Parliament to endorse you, any debate about the ruling programme is useless. You must know the extent in the political fight. You must give up vanities and ambitions for the common good. UDMR will not vote”, Kelemen stated.

AUR chairman George Simion accused President Klaus Iohannis that he is responsible for this crisis.

“Klaus Iohannis has mocked this country and he must pay for this. It is a charade, we are all witnessing a cheap theatre in which we pretend to elect a government. We have never had such a case in the past 30 years, with all minister being rejected and you still go on although you know you will be vetoed in the plenary sitting. We know that half of PNL doesn’t agree with Iohannis anymore. We know you have some files at DNA and he probably forced you with these files to endorse Citu. Let’s get over this absurd game quickly and give the country a government. Ciolos was not the only proposal for PM ar Cotroceni. UDMR also proposed Kelemen Hunor (…) Be aware that you represent the people and today, after we had played with the balls around here, let’s sit at the same table and find a solution“, Simion said.

Varujan Pambuccian, the leader of the national minorities represented in Parliament said that “never has Romania been in a more difficult situation”. “We’ll have to acknowledge that we have fired one more useless bullet in a series of dramatic solutions for this crisis. I don’t understand why we were convened in this session today. Early elections are not a solution, they are a solution only for AUR. The group of national minorities has always voted for stability. This time we found out there are opinions in all directions. It will be a free vote, a symbolic vote, there will also be votes in favour”, Pambuccian said.

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