Ciolos: If PNL denies the reform, it will be made by voters during the ballot

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PSD can be beaten at the general elections in 2020 only through a large coalition, yet the lessons learnt from CDR or D.A. Alliance should not be ignored either, says former PM Dacian Ciolos, founder of Romania Together Movement (MRI) on Thursday. He pointed out that a potential coalition must impose a different pattern against the one given by PSD and in this respect, the Liberals must understand his previous statements the other days.

Former technocrat premier Dacian Ciolos has criticised the National Liberal Party, saying in a Facebook post last week that the main parties on the Romanian political scene- PSD, PNL- represent an old political class, that do not want to reform and to take the country out of the poverty.

On Thursday, Ciolos said that he is open to a collaboration with PNL and USR, while rejection the idea that these parties are condemned to work together.

Ciolos took the opportunity of clarifying  his statements against PNL, explaining that of the Liberals are not reforming the party, the reform will be eventually done by the voters during the ballot.

I would like to clarify as much as possible the little storm in a teacup, after my references about my friends in PNL. I have to admit that 2020 makes be be afraid. It’s obvious that PSD cannot be removed only by a large coalition, but at the same time we cannot ignore the lessons learnt from what CDR and D.A. Alliance have meant. The Romanian society was not able to oppose to the political pattern promoted by PSD that has seized all economic and social layers. From this perspective 2020 is worrying me. We are still very far away from the solution we need”, Ciolos posted on Facebook.

He went on saying that if the Opposition parties are making a weak or fragile alliance that should fundamentally change the society and and provide a valid social and economic pattern, this alliance will fail.

We have all made mistakes or haven’t always lived up to the expectations of those who are supporting or voting us. The retorts that I received, disqualifying in places, confirm my concern. It’s a reason that I don’t want to fuel this row. I am not the one who must reform PNL. I could not do that and it was not my mission to do it, neither in 2016 nor now. It’s the mission of the honest people in PNL. There are plenty of them, I send my regards to them. But all the party members in Romania must know that, of they are not making the reform needed in their own party, the reform will be made by voters during the ballot,” Ciolos argued.

However, the former premier does not rule out an alliance with the Liberals. „We are open to a collaboration with PNL, and with USR. I assure them that they will always find in us an honest partner and I hope we can lay the foundations of a solid political construction to face the elections and particularly, the post-elections period.

I reject the idea that we are condemned to work together. Democracy doesn’t condemn you, democracy call on honesty and the capacity to admit your own mistakes. I wait for those in PNL to join us in the work for a better Romania, for hard times are ahead,” Ciolos concluded.

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