Ciolos: USR-PLUS is ready to assume ruling

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PLUS leader Dacian Cioloşhas told RFI on Wednesday that USR-PLUS Alliance is ready to take over ruling “if needed”, calling once again for early elections.

USR-PLUS is ready to assume governance if needed, but for that it needs the certainty that it can have endorsement in Parliament in order to take decisions that citizens would expect from a legitimate Government“, Ciolos argued, voicing hope that there are some lucid people in PSD considering the coming censure motion.

Ciolos considers that there are a lot of politicians, including from PSD, who understand they played a losing ticket, the more their former leader is behind bars “after having fought with the justice for about three years”. “I think there are enough lucid, rational people in PSD who understand they are heading to a dead end if they continue to endorse PSD. So, considering this logic, we should normally have a majority to send Dancila Government home”, Ciolos said.

PLUS leader further stated that the incumbent opposition is headed against PSD, but argued “it is not an opposition able to build an articulated political project to govern and to stabilize the situation in Romania”.
“Therefore, we must consider a transition period when a minimal solution must be sought to mend the bad things that have happened in Romania so far, including through the disarticulation of judiciary, and also through chasing away investors through all kind of decisions. So, we need this transition period to organise snap elections as soon as possible, in order to have legitimate political forces in the Parliament“, the former prime minister said.




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