Ciolos vs. Dragnea, war of words about the holes in the state budget


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The budget rectification reveals who is actually making the holes in the state budget, former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said on Tuesday, in a reply to the statements made by PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea.

“Admit the bankruptcy of the governing programme and the lies said during the election campaign, until it is not too late to mend the errors,” Ciolos’ message reads, according to

The former PM says “the Government has reached the bottom of the bag, nevertheless Mr. Liviu Dragnea finds it hard to understand the tough financial situation Romania has started to go through, following the implementation of the governing programme. Huge expenditures, incompetence, inability to govern responsibly and a disastrous tax policy. The poor inheritance claimed, by which PSD is trying to justify its failure, is only a cheap manipulation,” Ciolos says.

The former PM also blames the PSD decision to give up in 2017 the tax on special constructions (so-called pole tax) and the over-excise duty on fuel.

“Mr. Dragnea made promises during the election campaign without any backup, has won votes by lying and after the elections came to ask me to amend the tax code to postpone the taxes cancelling. The responsibility for the entire lack of coherence is on PSD,” Ciolos says.

Ciolos adds that Dragnea has invented another hole in the budget of 7 billion to blame us for. “Now, after the announcement on budget rectification, can be clearly seen who and how makes the holes in the state budget,” the former Premier says, stressing that the PSD chairman should admit the holes in the past eight months made due to the populist decisions. “Admit the bankruptcy of the governing programme and the lies during the election campaign until it is not too late,” Ciolos has concluded.

Liviu Dragnea: The decision of Ciolos cabinet cost us 7 billion

Social-democrat Chairman Liviu Dragnea said earlier on Tuesday that the Ciolos cabinet has led Romania to the current situation, by the decisions which cost 7 billion (our note – it is not understood if he means EUR or RON).

“Let’s look a little bit at the Ciolos Government, as it did not accept my request and our request to prorogue the repeal of the pole tax, the over-excise and the VAT; we clearly said during the election campaign we want to prorogue them for one year, this cost us 7 billion; the fake arguments at the time said – the energy prices will decrease, as we talk about the pole tax and the over-excise on fuels. There are 7 billion the large companies did not pay, however the Romanians had no benefit. We said at the time that the prices will not decrease, I don’t have much confidence in the arguments and the reasons for which the fuel prices go up or down,” Dragnea said.

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