Cirstoiu remains the PSD-PNL candidate for Bucharest Mayor despite PSD Withdrawal Option


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The leaders of the PSD-PNL coalition discussed, on Monday, the candidacy of the doctor Cătălin Cîrstoiu for the Capital City Hall, after there had previously been discussions in the PSD about the option of his withdrawal. In the coalition meeting, Cîrstoiu presented several parts of his program and for the time being, his bid remains valid, claim political sources.

However, Cîrstoiu is not an official candidate for the City Hall until the candidacy is submitted together with the list of signatures at the Municipal Electoral Bureau (BEM). This should have happened tomorrow, but the moment was postponed by a week because BEM should first analyze and validate the protocol of the Alliance, so the ruling coalition decided to submit the application next Monday. Until then, the leaders of the coalition asked for total mobilization in support of the candidate Cătălin Cîrstoiu.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) had discussed, on Monday morning, the option of Cătălin Cîrstoiu withdrawing from the competition for the Mayor of Bucharest, due to the performance of the candidate so far, considered by the leaders of both parties involved in supporting him as “disastrous” and due to his placing in 3rd place in opinion polls.

The quoted sources claim that on Sunday evening an offer was made to Daniel Băluță, the mayor of District 4, to take Cîrstoiu’s place as the Alliance’s candidate for the Capital City Hall. However, Băluță refused the offer, which is why the possible withdrawal of Cîrstoiu is a problem without a solution, that is, PNL and PSD are unable to find a replacement.

Gabriela Firea is a candidate on the list for MEPs and can no longer be considered for the Capital City Hall.

An option, which is not accepted by the PNL, would be the support of Cristian Popescu Piedone, who would be the independent candidate of the two parties.

The liberals, however, do not agree with this, while the PSD does not agree with the support of Sebastian Burduja, the counter-offer of the PNL.

Marcel Ciolacu denied, for, the option of giving up Cătălin Cîrstoiu, but several leaders from both parties claim that the subject is on the table and that a convenient solution is being sought for both formations.

“If we take it that way, anything that appears in a moment has a temporary character. From my point of view, I joined a fight for an idea and we are moving forward”, Cîrstoiu declared on Monday, when asked about PSD’s intention to give up on him.

Asked if he excludes a withdrawal, Cîrstoiu replied: “From my answer, obviously yes”.

Cîrstoiu is not an official candidate for the City Hall, as long as his candidacy has not been submitted with documents, according to the electoral law, so PNL and PSD still have time until the end of this month to make a decision regarding his support. April 30 is the deadline for submitting candidacies for the local elections.

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