Ciuca says he resigns on Friday as required by the ruling coalition’s protocol


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​Liberals had a meeting with President Klaus Iohannis at Villa Lac on Tuesday evening, deciding that the the rotational government formula remains on.

The head of state has reportedly asked the PNL leaders to speed up the assumed calendar for the formation of the new Government,that will be led by Social Democrats. Moreover, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă himself confirmed on Wednesday that he will resign on Friday, May 26. The Head of the Executive says that after Friday he will make a decision if he remains in the Government.

Asked if he would resign on Friday, the prime minister replied: “If I said that I would submit my mandate…” “As I have mentioned every time, Friday is the day when, according to the calendar, I will submit my mandate”, said the prime minister.

Regarding remaining in the Executive, Ciucă declared: “Friday is consumed and I will make a decision. By Monday I will make a decision”.

Amid the general strike started by the teachers this week, there have been rumors that PSD is not so interested anymore in taking over the Government leadership and that it would rather stay in the second line till the 2024 elections and let Liberals deal with all these thorny social issues.

However, PM Ciuca, who is also PNL chairman assured that things remain as they agreed when formed the ruling coalition with PSD, meaning the Social Democrats will take over the Cabinet lead this month.

The PNL leader also said that the decision has been made that the future government will have 18 ministries. “We are still negotiating. The decision has been made that the future government will have 18 ministries, we have given a very clear signal as to what it means to reduce the number of personnel in the first phase at the level of the government apparatus and that of dignitaries, we have reduced by 50% the number of advisers to at the level of dignitaries, we are reducing the number of state secretaries and the apparatus related to each one”, declared Nicolae Ciucă. “We will have a discussion with the president after we complete the negotiations. The president does not get involved in this process, it is the decision of the political parties what they will do,” the prime minister said.

After Ciucă’s resignation, the next steps would be consultations convened by President Klaus Iohannis and the appointment of Marcel Ciolacu as prime minister would follow. So, Ciolacu is expected to forward the list with his proposed cabinet this weekend.

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