Clash in PNL. Ex-chairwoman slams interim’s statement that the party is ‘crashed’

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Former chairwoman of the National Liberal Party Alina Gorghiu and current PNL interim chairwoman Raluca Turcan clashed on the situation in the party. After Raluca Turcan has recently stated that the PNL is ‘crashed’, Gorghiu retorted that a Liberal leader is not allowed to offend the party, arguing that the members who had worked for the party should not be offended.

“Those in PNL who talk about the party’s having the identical fate with the Peasant Party (PNTCD) are embarrassing and ridiculous. It’s a shallow speech and I cannot understand how someone who is a PNL member and is in the PNL leadership can say that the party is ‘crashed’, as long as the party is made of members. It is the sum of its members and you are not allowed to offend the members regardless of your name,” Alina Gorghiu said.

Asked if she has something to reproach to Raluca Turcan for her statement in Cluj, Gorghiu said that name is not relevant.

“I won’t say a name for it is not relevant. I would also reproach it to me if I made such a wrong statement. I don’t think you should offend the PNL members who have worked. You can nominate a person who has chosen a wrong strategy. You can snub yourself in the mirror for voting shoulder to shoulder with the entire leadership for coming to a decision, but you are not allowed to offend the party and its members by saying they are crashed,” said Gorghiu.

Turcan has recently slammed the National Liberal Party.

“Think about that we would have come to rule with this party that is all grinding. Do you really think that PNL would have been much better than the current rulers? (…) Immediately after I took over the interim, I ordered a professional report to understand what has happened with PNL. The report’s conclusion was that, despite some very good results, the National Liberal Party was crashed. I say it and I repeat that, with the risk of annoying,” Turcan said in Cluj.

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