CNCD notified over Hungarian PM’s recent statements at Baile Tusnad. Viktor Orban summoned


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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will be summoned to the National Council for Combating Discrimination, CNCD president Csaba Asztalos told, following the official notification made by PNL deputy Alexandru Muraru, regarding the racist speech the Hungarian PM held it at Băile Tușnad.

According to the legislation, any request to the Council is resolved with the mandatory summons of the parties, in view of the hearings. In this case, as in any case, the file holder, who will be determined by random file allocation, will do the file management and probably, I assume, will do this subpoena. I have never had such a situation before. I think that the summons can be made through the legal representation of Hungary in Bucharest, i.e. through the embassy”, said the CNCD. Csaba Asztalos added that CNCD has a legal obligation to resolve the complaint made by Alexandru Muraru.

Liberal MP Alexandru Muraru announced on Thursday that he has officially notified the CNCD regarding the racist speech of Hungarian President Viktor Orban from Băile Tușnad. “Statements calling for “racial purity” are unacceptable in a European and tolerant Romania. This speech by Prime Minister Viktor Orban is detached from the racial ideologies that claimed millions of victims in the 20th century. These slips are unacceptable in a Romania and Europe of the 21st century that have gone through the tragedies of racial ideologies,” the Liberal lawmaker argued.

Muraru added that “Mr. Viktor Orban’s diplomatic immunity does not refer to statements, but to facts that are circumscribed by the criminal code, and diplomatic immunity is activated in the event of an official action, not a private visit, as was the case of at Baile Tușnad”.

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