CNSAS file: Ex-president Basescu would have collaborated with Securitate, monitored his colleagues


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According to the civil action filed by College of the National Council for Studying Securitate Archives (CNSAS) in court to establish if former president Traian Basescu has collaborated with the Securitate, the former communist political police, the former head of state would have snitched his colleagues and would have maintained the relation with Securitate as support person until near the fall of the communist regime.

Documents from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and Ministry of National Defense (MApN) have been also filed as evidence in the file, according to sources to the local media.

The documents reveal that, starting 1973, Traian Basescu started academic courses at the Navy Institute “Mircea cel Batran” in Constanta and he had been used as a Securitate source since that very year, and a secret name had been assigned to him.

The same data says that the former president ended collaboration with the communist secret police when he graduated the Nave Academy in 1976 and his Securitate file is destroyed in 1979 when Basescu had joined the Romanian Communist Party (PCR). The former president would have resumed collaboration with Securitate in 1988 when he returned in Romania from the sea and he is used as a support person based on his secret name.

The same sources disclosed that three documents, with two of them being provided by SRI and MApN, are in Basescu’s file, which prove that the former president is the same person with the Securitate source.

The CNSAS voted unanimously in early May to recheck the relations of former President Traian Basescu with the Securitate as new elements appeared in the file.


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