CNSAS: Six candidates running in general elections are former Securitate collaborators or employees


The National Council for Studying the Securitate Archives (CNSAS) has received from the county electoral bureaus, until Thursday, data on a number of 5,164 candidates in parliamentary elections and informs that six candidates were collaborators or employees of the former Securitate, confirmed by the court, among them the folk music singer Gheorghe Turda (PRU candidate) and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu’s spokesman, Andrei Alexandru (ALDE candidate), reports.

The Council mentions that there are final and irrevocable decisions by competent courts on the candidates, regarding the quality of Securitate collaborator or Securitate employee.

The candidates:

Andrei Alexandru (ALDE candidate in Bucharest) – Securitate collaborator;

Samuel Calotă (ALDE candidate in Teleorman County) – Securitate collaborator;

Ion Ganea (PMP candidate in Tulcea County) – Securitate employee;

Victor Manole (PRU candidate in Covasna County) – Securitate collaborator;

Anton Teodor Popovici (PRU candidate in Vaslui County) – Securitate collaborator;

Gheorghe Turda (PRU candidate for the Diaspora) – Securitate collaborator.

The checks on the candidates in the parliamentary elections of December 11 continue.

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