CNSAS to recheck the relation between former President Traian Basescu and Securitate


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According to sources, the College of the National Council for Studying Securitate Archives (CNSAS) has voted unanimously on Thursday to recheck the relations of former President Traian Basescu with the Securitate as new elements appeared in the file.

The former President has told he maintains the statement made in 2006, whereby he argues he did not sign any agreement with the Securitate and did not deliver informative notes.

Other sources have told that the CNSAS College members have voted an observation note that Traian Basescu allegedly was collaborator of Securitate as political police, but in this case the decision should be sent to court to confirm or deny the college’ vote. In this case, CNSAS cannot make the information public, by the law, until the file reaches the court, reports.

The sources say it is unclear what new elements have appeared. CNSAS has issued hitherto four certificates to Traian Basescu, reading that he did not collaborate with the Securitate. However, sources say that the CNSAS researchers have identified new documents delivered to the Council in 2006, which haven’t been inventoried.

The sources say that the former head of state has been rechecked given the elections for European Parliament.

The Group for Political Investigations (GID) led by Mugur Ciuvica, claims Traian Basescu was recruited by the Securitate in 1973, during his studies at the Naval Institute, having the file of collaborator no. 3990/09.11.1973. GIP also claims Traian Basescu was collaborator of the Securitate 4th Directorate (military intelligence).

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