Coalition considers new amendment, to exempt employees from presenting the Covid certificate at work


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Although they had closed a deal on Wednesday to introduce in Parliament the draft law on the Covid certificate at work, the draft still stirs friction inside the PNL-PSD-UDMR coalition, with parties considering to amend the bill again, precisely to remove the obligation to present the COVID certificate at work.

This option was allegedly proposed by President Klaus Iohannis following a discussion with Coalition leaders and amid disagreements between PSD and PNL.

More precisely, neither PSD nor PNL want to assume the image cost generated by the introduction of the compulsory COVID certificate at work.

Liberal chairman Florin Cîțu admitted, on Thursday, that this new option is under discussion, but no decision has been taken in this regard.

Cîţu said that the COVID certificate should be a motivation for people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, but it should keep the economy open. He avoided to say is he personally agrees the amendment discussed in the ruling coalition, that employees should not be compelled anymore to present the certificate at work.

Let’s see the final form, until then it doesn’t make sense to talk. I tell you that today there is a green certificate in Romania. It is used at the mall, in restaurants. His role was to motivate people to get vaccinated. We will see if there is a model for improvement, we are waiting for the variant from the Government and we are discussing it”, Cîțu said at the Parliament.

We have a draft bill in Parliament, if there is anything that can improve it to, we’ll do it. We must now think that any action taken by a government has direct and indirect effects and must also be constitutional. Yesterday we said that we have a draft version, we sent it to see if it is constitutional. We don’t know yet, we don’t have a conclusion“, he told journalists.

In his turn, PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu confirmed that Social Democrats do not agree to the COVID certificat being required at work. Ciolacu argued that the draft law initiated by their minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila must be reviewed so that it should not violate the Constitution.

“The certificate must observe the Constitution. It is a proposal, it has been discussed inside the Coalition. There is no decision yet to present a final draft. At present there is an emergency ordinance on the green certificate. If the draft bill doesn’t bring something new it’s no point in tabling a draft law that brings nothing new (…) I said two months ago that the green certificate is not enough. We also need to come up with a new management in hospitals, to provide new stocks of antiviral medicines for the upcoming wave 5,” Marcel Ciolacu pointed out.

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