Coalition crisis deepens. Liberals shield around PM Citu


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The coalition crisis deepens. Almost one week after Health minister Vlad Voiculescu (USR-PLUS) had been sacked, PNL and USR-PLUS are far from reaching an agreement, with both parties convened separately in party meetings, and with a coalition sitting expected this afternoon.

While the Liberals are shielding around PM Florin Citu, USR-PLUS insists on withdrawing endorsement for him. Moreover, USR-PLUS would like the renegotiation of the coalition agreement so that the replacements in the government should be decided within the ruling coalition, thus to prevent further dismissals without further notice. Political sources disclosed though that PM Citu does not want such an agreement.

After the PNL meeting, chairman Ludovic Orban and PM Florin Citu have held a joint press conference.

Ludovic Orban said that Florin Citu had taken a “salutary decision” when he had sacked Vlad Voiculescu from the Health Ministry and by this, the premier had given USR-PLUS a chance to designate “a better minister”.

Orban added that any minister who is criticising his PM should go home. In his turn, Citu mentioned that ministers will be evaluated based on what they had done, not based on what they had stated.

“The PM has our total endorsement. We are consequent and we go further on. There is no minister to attack the PM. The Government represents a team. When a minister attacks a colleague, it means he doesn’t want to be part of the government anymore. When a minister attacks the PM, he goes home,” PNL chairman said.

He voiced hope though that this moment will be overcome. “My conviction is that we’ll get through this. We are counting on our partners’ rational conduct.”

In his turn, PM Citu urged USR-PLUS to nominate a person for the Health portfolio as quickly as possible.

“The Health Ministry needs a stable management, needs a minister, not an acting minister, someone who should take over and confront the pandemic. It is very important, we still need ICU beds, so the governance must be stable. We are waiting for a minister and I am sure we’ll get a competent minister asap, who can handle this situation. At this point, the responsible way to solve the crisis is to get a nomination for the Health Ministry”, PM Citu pointed out.

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