Cold war between PSD’s Dragnea and PM Grindeanu?


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Social-democratic sources say that the relationship between PSD leader Liviu Dragnea and Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu is frozen, following Dragnea’s attempt to reshuffle the government and Grindeanu’s refusal. According to, the tensions increased as the government supported Justice Minister Tudorel Toader in requesting the Constitutional Court to oppose the admission of exception for Bombonica Prodana, Dragnea’s ex-wife.

The sources say Dragnea asked Grindeanu to replace from the cabinet Finance Minister Viorel Stefan and Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, for reasons related to ‘poor communication’ for the first one and to calm down the party for the second one. It seems the social-democrats want to get rid of Toader as he ‘seems more connected to the institutions than to the party and the government’. The candidate to replace Toader is the current chairman of the senate’s legal committee, former Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc – although he was a close ally to former PM Victor Ponta. PSD sources say the party members are puzzled on how things turned around in Cazanciuc’s case.

Replacing Toader involves political games. He is supported by PSD’s coalition ally ALDE and its leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu does not agree with replacing the justice minister. However, lately the relations between PSD and opposition’s UDMR have warmed and sources say PSD might be tempted to replace ALDE with UDMR in the summer. Consequently the justice minister would be appointed by PSD, which would name a soft technocrat.

And yet, PM Grindeanu has recently said he monitors all ministers and there is no reason for any reshuffling. “The government I lead is stable, has the PSD support, the support of the coalition and we mind our business in doing things for Romanians,” Grindeanu said.

The latest development involved the government and Dragnea’s former wife, Bombonica Prodana in the file she is accused of abuse of office, a file which aims also at Liviu Dragnea.

The government supported the Ministry of Justice’s response and opposed the admission of exception for Bombonica Prodana. It is about the file in which several people employed by the Teleorman County Social Assistance and Child Protection Directorate actually worked for the party (PSD) during the time when Liviu Dragnea was Chairman of the Teleorman County Council.

Asked recently to state whether the Government’s point of view on Bombonica Prodana’s objection of unconstitutionality, on the threshold of abuse of office, was drawn up by the Justice Ministry, Tudorel Toader replied affirmatively, adding that “I am not the one to conclude on the viewpoints. We have a directorate dealing with such issues.”

file photo – Grindeanu and Dragnea

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