Collecting fines during state of emergency, repealing special pensions, law delaying mortgages declared unconstitutional.

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The Constitutional Court has partially admitted the appeal submitted by the Ombudsman against the emergency ordinance 36/2020 that establishes fines for those who are not observing the restrictions imposed within the state of emergency prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, so the fines collected for not respecting the lockdown are practically declared unconstitutional.

The Constitutional Court decided today that the GEO is not predictable enough and there not criteria clearly set by the law to impose the quantum of the fines, but they are established arbitrarily by the police forces.

However, the constitutional judges uphold that fines will be annulled only after they are challenged in court.

Our courts, which are already crowded, might find themselves with tens of thousands of lawsuits”, says the Ombudsman, Renate Weber.

CCR has also ruled today that the draft law removing the special pensions , including the ones of magistrates and MPs, except for the army and police, is against the Constitution. The bill had been challenged to CCR by the Ombudsman and the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

At the same time, the constitutional judges have rejected the draft law initiated by PSD, ALDE and Pro Romania and adopted in Parliament last month that envisaged the delay of all mortgages for nine months due to the coronavirus crisis. Liberal MPS have referred the law to CCR.

Banks had received by April 10 around 150,000 requests from clients to delay payment of their mortgages.

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