Commissioner for Regional Policy says she might sue PSD


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After denouncing in a Facebook post the ruling Social Democrat Party’s stances against her, saying she was shocked that her statements on the need of accelerating projects for Romania’s development had been extremely policitised, Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Cretu announced that „she will go all the way” with a lawsuit in which PSD or its deputy secretary general Codrin Stefanescu should prove how „she is betraying” the national interests.

Unfortunately, it has got worse than I could ever have imagined”, Cretu says in another Facebook post.

I won’t hide that I am very affected by the attacks coming from inside the party to which I have dedicated 30 years of my life. Very sad. I thank you all for you support, I thank all mass media organisations for their objectivity, despite the contracts on huge amounts of money that they receive from the Government’s ministries to denigrate all those who are not lining up to the party’s directives. A party that I believed in that it can improve people’s lives. Unfortunately, it has got worse than I could have ever imagined. This time, I will go all the way, with a lawsuit in which the party or Mr. Stefanescu should prove to me and to the public opinion, how I am betraying Romania’s national interests,” reads Corina Cretu’s message.

The Commissioner for Regional Policy has continued the argument with the ruling party on Friday, saying that attacks against her had become tougher, after stating the feasibility studies for the regional hospital cost EUR 1.8 million, not EUR 250 M as the Romanian authorities had claimed.

PSD deputy secretary general Codrin Stefanescu had harshly slammed Corina Cretu previously on Thursday night, arguing she „is not representing Romania’s interests anymore at the present” and that she has no pro-PSD stance anymore. Stefanescu accused the commissioner is now controlled by group of interests in Brussels. „Corina Cretu does not represent Romania’s interest any more, the interest of building regional hospitals for costs 10 times cheaper,” Stefanescu stated.

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