Competition Council’s expert to advise the Parliament in drawing up laws that are to be issued


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Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker Valeriu Zgonea and Competition Council president Bogdan Chiritoiu have signed on Monday a Cooperation Agreement through which a Competition Council representative will work with the Romanian Parliament’s expert committees providing relevant advise for working out the laws that need to be issued.

“We undertook to set our resources at the disposal of the parliamentary committees. I hope this is a stable cooperation. Practically, a representative of the Competition Council will work with Parliament to provide the institution’s expertise for Parliament’s lawmaking process,” Competition Council president Bogdan Chiritoiu explained during the document-signing ceremony, quoted by

“We don’t want to develop law articles that could stalemate the competition market. For this reason we turned to the Competition Council for expert’s advice. Their input is important before the expert committees make decisions. We will do the same with the other institutions, not only in this sector but in others where we find there is a lack of cooperation between Parliament and particular bodies,” Valeriu Zgonea added.

The 13-point Agreement signed by the Chamber of Deputies and the Competition Council provides for the two bodies’ cooperation for boosting and supporting the relevant measures in the respective sector, as well as maintaining a constant and constructive dialogue for sorting out the problems related to the enforcement of the competition rules.

The agreement takes effect at the date and it’s signed by the parties, remaining in force until December 15, 2016.


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