Confidence in SRI affected by Elena Udrea’s allegations, survey says. 55 pc of Romanians trust NATO


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Romanian Intelligence Service’s public image registered a slight rebound after accusations brought by Elena Udrea against Florin Coldea, the first-deputy of SRI, while confidence in the DNA remains on an upward trend, shows an INSCOP Research survey commissioned by the ‘Adevarul’ newspaper.

The confidence standings in political institutions: Presidency – 51.4% much and very much confidence (substantial increase as compared to 43.9% in December 2014 and to October 2014 – 17.8%). The second place belongs to the City Halls – 38.1% (37.9% in December 2014), followed by the Constitutional Court – 36.5% , the County Councils – 25.5%, the Government and the Parliament – 17.5 %. Confidence in political parties fell to a historic low of 9.9% (12% in December 2014).

Confidence in executive institutions is led by the Army – 75%, followed by the Gendarmerie, with 62.5% and DNA – 58.9%, followed by SRI – 48.8%. The survey was conducted one week after Elena Udrea, prosecuted in many cases, had made a number of allegations against the SRI first-deputy General Florian Coldea.

Confidence in other institutions: High Court of Cassation and Justice – 48.7%, BNR – 47.3%, SIE – 46.1%, the Police 45.5% and ANI – 42.2%.

Confidence in Church – 64% and in the media 37%.

NATO enjoys the highest confidence level of 55% among international institutions. UN stands on the second place – 51.9% and the third place is occupied by the EU – 51.7%. European Commission – 47.9% followed by the European Parliament – 46.2%, the World Bank – 37.5% and the IMF – 29.5%.

The survey was conducted during February 5-10, 2015. The sample was of 1,065 people and is representative of the Romanian population 18 years old and over 18 years. Maximum error is +/- 3% at a confidence level of 95%.

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