Constitutional Court: Local elections to be held in one round

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The Constitutional Court (CCR) judges have unanimously rejected on Wednesday the referral filed by journalist Liviu Avram regarding local elections, CCR President Augustin Zegrean said.

“Article 50 was rejected as unfounded because there was no argument to justify changing the CCR practice in the field. It is an extensive practice in this regard. As always the Court has said that the Parliament’s role is to establish the electoral law, the rules, with signatures or without signatures. In fact, the Venice Commission says that there is no problem, the election rights are not violated by the existence of signatures,” Zegrean said.

Asked whether the June 5 local elections will be held in one round, Zegrean said that in CCR’s view they remain in one round.

“The Constitutional Court ruled today, I do not think this will be changed tomorrow. We still have 30 files submitted until today about the same subject, but surely we will not change the practice until tomorrow,” he emphasized.

In retort, the Social Democrat Party (PSD) and the Democrat Magyar Union in Romania (UDMR) hailed the Constitutional Court’s decision. PSD deputy Florin Iordache stated that the decision is a normal one, arguing that it’s less important of the current law on local elections is favoring one party or another. “We cannot afford confusing an entire country two days before the electoral campaign start,” Iordache said.

In his turn, the leader of UDMR group in the Senate, Tanczos Barna said that CC decision is fair and that UDMR has never considered that the law was not compliant with the Constitution.

Surprisingly, despite the National Liberal Party’s stance favoring two-round system for local elections, the Liberal candidate running for the Bucharest City Hall, Catalin Predoiu said on Wednesday that the CC decision is normal. “CCR-one round now. Normal decision. The practical vote becomes the key of elections in Bucharest,” Predoiu posted on Facebook.

Previously, PNL co-president Alina Gorghiu stated that the two-round vote is a first principle of democracy.


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