Consultations at Cotroceni on the coalition Cabinet, future PM. PNL-USR-PLUS-UDMR weekend negotiations failed

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The representatives of PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR have met during the weekend to discuss about their future potential ruling coalition, PM-designate and portfolios, but negotiations led to no conclusion after the parties had failed to agree on the nominated PM and on sharing the position of Senate and Chamber speakers.

Today, the parties represented in the future Parliament are going to Cotroceni Palace to discuss with President Klaus Iohannis, with PNL and USR-PLUS leaders expecting a signal from the head of state to unblock negotiations.

Consultations start at 11:00hhrs, with PSD going first. President Iohannis is expected to make a press statement at the end of the consultations with all parties.

After two days of negotiations, PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR leaders have failed to get over the first topic of the discussions: sharing the three top state positions. USR-PLUS insisted that the position of Chamber of Deputies speaker to go to Dan Barna, while the Liberals want this seat for ex-PM Ludovic Orban.

While the Liberals proposed  the incumbent minister of Finance, Florin Citu, to be the future prime minister, USR-PLUS has its own nomination- Dacian Ciolos.

However, sources told mass media that USR-PLUS would rather want to force the PNL’s hand to convince them that there will be no ruling coalition if they do not have the Chamber of Deputies top seat.

However, the leaders of the three parties are optimistic about a centre right wing coalition taking shape by December 21 when the new Parliament is due to be set up.

On the other hand, PSD is coming to talks at Cotroceni with its own nomination for PM: Alexandru Rafila, however they lack all endorsement in Parliament, needing both the votes of AUR and UDMR to make a Cabinet pass, which is unlikely, as UDMR had already voiced support to be in a coalition with PNL and USR-PLUS. Moreover, President Iohannis is not willing at all to entrust the PM position to the Social Democrats.

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