Controversial move: Four MPs went to the Russian Embassy in Bucharest to discuss “Romania’s neutrality”. FM: No official value


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Controversial senator Diana Șoșoacă, together with three other Romanian MPs, met with the Russian ambassador to Bucharest, Valery Kuzmin, on Thursday, to discuss “Romania’s neutrality” amid public discontent and criticism. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, killing civilians, causing millions of people to leave their country and destruction throughout the whole Ukraine.

The meeting of the delegation consisting of 4 parliamentarians and representatives of the embassy of the Russian Federation in Bucharest on the topic of Peace in Bucharest, Neutrality of Romania. Today, 30.03.2022, at 11.00, a delegation consisting of 4 Romanian parliamentarians: Senator Diana Iovanovici-Șoșoacă, Deputy Dumitru Coarnă, Deputy Mihai Lasca and Deputy Francisc Tobă, had a meeting with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Mr. Valery Kuzmin, on the theme of the Memorandum sent on Romania’s Neutrality, the Peace of Bucharest. 

In this context, the Romanian side presented the position of neutrality, in the sense of Romania’s non-involvement in the war between the two belligerent states: the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as requested by most Romanians, and the proposal to start peace negotiations within the neutral framework. Romania, in the People’s House, in order to conclude the Peace of Bucharest. The Romanian side mentioned that the 4 parliamentarians were joined by NGOs and personalities from over 70 countries.

In his turn, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation expressed his point of view on the exposed topic, mentioning that at this moment they are in negotiation discussions in Turkey, thanking for the involvement of the Romanian parliamentarians. 

The Romanian side also concluded on Romania’s neutrality and non-involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, as well as the hope that this conflict will end as soon as possible, so as to avoid the loss of life on both sides, and avoid the spread of the conflict. 

We specify that the meeting took place at the request of the Romanian side, addressed through the mentioned Memorandum, Memorandum and request for meetings that were sent to all states involved and neighbors to the belligerent states, the first Embassy that accepted discussions, being that of the Russian Federation“, announced Diana Shock on Facebook.

At the end of February, Diana Șoșoacă sparked a wave of indignation on her Facebook page, after questioning Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the bombing of Kyiv. Outraged, the net surfers sent the senator to make live performances in Kyiv, and some offered to help her with transportation.

If senator Diana Iovanovici-Șoșoacă, Deputy Mihai Lasca and Deputy Francisc Tobă are former members of AUR, now independent MPs, Dumitru Coarna is an acting PSD deputy.

Social Democrat chairman Marcel Ciolacu announced on Facebook that he will propose to expel Coarna from the party following the visit to the Russian Embassy.

In retort, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, said that the request of the four Romanian parliamentarians received in audience at the Russian Embassy has no official value, and that it possibly expresses their personal position.

“I don’t think such an approach deserves much comment, which has no official value, without any, say, mandate from the state authorities, so it only expresses the personal position of those people,” said Aurescu to RFI.

According to the Romanian FM, in contemporary international law, neutrality no longer presupposes a perfect impartiality towards the parties to the dispute, but means an attitude of support for the victim.

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