“Cormorants are having bath in the pools in Romania”, Agriculture minister Daea tells MEPs


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Cormorants are having bath in the pools in Romania“, said the Romanian Agriculture minister, Petre Daea in the European Parliament, where he had been called before the Fisheries Committee to present Romania’s priorities on the fishery field during the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council.

There is an entire series of restrictions coming from the concept of preserved nature (…) but there are also moments when the concern of the fishermen is beyond any resistance. To see the cormorants population. I discussed with Vela, with the commissioner, (editor note: Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries), he saw Romania. To be well spoken, persuasive, I told Vela that cormorants are having bath in pools in Romania. So many they are. They don’t hide from people, fishermen anymore. They are jeopardizing an alternative and a complementary sector (...),” Daea told MEPs.

He added that the issue of cormorants is not just in Romania, assuring them he really knows what he is talking about: “I can tell you as a person who understands the storm of Brexit, but also understands the storm of the fisherman when he is faced to nature and doesn’t find any solutions to use them when he is forced to.

Philosopher Mihai Sora has taunted later on the performance of minister Daea in the European Parliament, saying he cried “seeing what snakes and frogs are coming out of the Romanian ministers’ mouth“. Sora added that the hero these days is the interpreter, who has “to save the honour of a country after the cormorants’ bath in the pool”.

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