Cotroceni consultations. Liberals plead for a new referendum to revise Constitution along with the presidential election, USR wants amendments extended


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President Klaus Iohannis has met the delegation of the National Liberal Party (PNL) at Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday to talk about the conditions of transposing the results of the referendum on justice in the national legislation.

Liberal chairman Ludovic Orban has said after talks that his party is endorsing all initiatives of the president to transpose the results of the referendum in the Constitution, lobbying for the public debate on justice laws to be resumed.

The will expressed by the citizens at this referendum represents law for us. We clearly endorse resuming the public debate to generate a legislation in compliance with the European laws, to also transpose the CVM and the Venice Commission recommendations,” Orban said.

He added that the referendum to revise the Constitution should take place at the same time with the presidential elections.

“It would be better for this referendum to take place during the presidential elections, for it’s cheaper and more suitable. I don’t think there will be any political party to oppose the public will, so I don’t think there will be any controversy on this topic. We know that the practice of delaying can make certain parties use it as a pretext to delay these amendments in the hope they will not be adopted,” the PNL chair further said.

Before the start of the consultations, President Iohannis had argued that a referendum for the revision of the Constitution might also take place during the local or general elections next year, not necessarily at the same time with the presidential ballot.

Iohannis also pointed out that it’s not desirable now to have a wider revision of the Constitution, but only to enforce  the result of the justice referendum in the fundamental law.

The Romanian head of state had also stated earlier today that he had won the referendum together with Romanians.

USR wants “No more criminal in public offices” initiative in, censure motion to be filed next week

USR chairman Dan Barna proposed during talks with President Iohannis that the Constitution revision should also include their civic initiative “No more criminal in public offices”.

“We consider the constitutional reform should be wider somehow, yet it will focus on cutting down emergency ordinances. The President agreed with the fact that the initiative <No more criminal in public offices> should be included in this revision procedure, for it got the CCR green light. So, it is a moral, legal and legitimate initiative”, said Barna.

At the same time, the USR leader announced he had informed the head of state that the Opposition’s censure motion would be most probably filed next week. The USR delegation also discussed about the post-motion ruling scenarios.

If the censure motion passes, we’ll talk about an interim government or about a new gov’t. Early elections after presidential election are a must and we told that to the president, for otherwise we would remain prisoners of the current parliamentary majority that is not working anymore in Romania“, Barna argued.

UDMR: There is no parliamentary majority for a censure motion to pass

Although announced it will endorse a potential censure motion against Dancila Cabinet, UDMR however believes that there is no parliamentary majority, its MPs included for a successful motion.

We are ready to endorse a censure motion, We don’t have any problem with that (…) We had talks with PNL and USR this week, we’ve been doing some math. There are no 233 votes for the motion to pass, either with us included,” UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor said.

As for the referendum on justice, Kelemen Hunor said the Union is supporting the need of a new Constitution that should stipulate the removal of emergency ordinances so that the Parliament’s credibility should be restored.

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