Court of Auditors: Foreign Ministry had excessive expenditures for embassies abroad


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The Court of Auditors report claims that the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) spends millions of euros to rent buildings abroad, in countries where it already owns some properties. On the other hand, MAE claims the Court of Auditors inspectors are not aware of the specificity of the diplomatic work abroad, reports.

According to the report, MAE spent during 2012-2014 more than EUR 800,000 as rents for seven embassies.

For the building of the Romanian embassy in Helsinki the state paid more than EUR 168,000 in three years, although Romania owns a building having a surface of 149 square metres in the capital of Finland. In Prague there is a similar situation: although there is a building owned by the Romanian state, MAE spent approx. EUR 127,000 to rent a building for the embassy. Hundreds of thousand euros were spent also for the diplomatic offices in Stockholm, Paris, Warsaw and Oslo, although the Romanian state owns unused living spaces.

On the other hand, large living spaces were rented for a low number of people, considered by the Court of Auditors as excesses.

For example, the embassy in Astana, Kazakhstan, has an area of 400 square metres with a rent of almost EUR 5,000 per month, although the institution has only two employees. The situation in Warsaw is not much different: MAE paid EUR 4,000 per month for a 560 metres residence for two people. The Court of Auditors notices similar situations in Bangkok, Prague, Tunis and Nairobi.

MAE representatives have told journalists the institution pays attention to the issues noticed by the Court of Auditors. They claim that the report does not take into account the specificity of the diplomatic activity abroad and that the prices are high due to the real estate market in each country. “The offices of the diplomatic missions, of the consular offices or the rented housing can be rented only in safe residential areas,” MAE informs.


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